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What was that thread with the long ass name? Yeah, were from there.
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One man. That’s all it takes to change one’s life. Putting their life in misery and woe. Yet they don’t understand each other or what’s happening. All they know is that they have to kill in unexplained reason. Just another day at Weyland-Yutani’s company incorporation. Course that’s just for one of these men. The other man is awake in the middle of the night, waiting for the enemy to come forth. The man that works for Weyland-Yutani is called Ozaki. He is trained for fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and a professional infantry shooter. Was dropped on a hostile planet to fight and destroy the hostiles called Xilians. Ozaki and the other troopers were never told what exactly why they had to kill the Xilians, all they know is to look at a hostile and pull the trigger. The man is one of the Xilian hostiles, but really isn’t hostile. Neither are the other Xilian troopers. He was born and raised in living hell. All his life has been nothing but misery, death, and war. He was raised to become an all-powerful being. For the Xilians say is gifted from their gods. He is told fight back the enemy and do what their Supreme leaders (The Elders) tell them. These men must face many challenges to bring freedom and victory to their races. Or maybe be risked for the greater good…

Chapter One: First Things First:
Day 1, 12:38 am:
Ozaki awoke, surrounded by jungle. Had nothing but a gun and his wits. He limped through the woods, hoping to find other troopers. He almost gave up when a trooper fell behind him. Ozaki realized that it was his best friend he has known all of his life. Kazama. A bad ass killer with a nasty attitude, age 25, had a rifle, a regular machine gun like the rest. He stood up and gave Ozaki a surprised look.
“Well, how’d you get here?”
“Fell from the sky, like you. Were there any other troopers falling down with you?”
“I don’t know, I couldn’t see anything. I was flying all over the place.”
Ozaki was a 24 year old Marine, of course he had then the advance training and was stronger than any other troopers, as well as his allies He had been dropped from a space shuttle and now was doing dirty jobs for a powerful general. Kazama had been his friend for a very long time, they fought in the Iraq war (which the Americans won) then the humans located this planet, wanting to study it, they found it was habited by the Xilians, an alien race, so very similar to humans, they look the same, talk to same, and were a civilization, with unimaginable technology, but yet they never have wars. The troops didn’t know what happen to start the war; they basically didn’t know what was going on. Kazama was always there for Ozaki. Another trooper fell from the sky and tumbled next to them. It was Cooper. A master at the shotgun and head medical of the group, He was 34, a bit older, but was still a great marine. He got up and smiled at Kazama and Ozaki.
“Well…This is awkward. Where the hell did you come from?”
Ozaki was the first one to speak.
“Well, we dropped out of the sky like you.”
Then the rest of the group fell down behind them. There was Claudio, a master at the heavy firing, age 20. There was Elizabeth, a professional sniper Elite, age 28. There was Austin, a computer hacker and a master at the flamethrower, age 24, and Jackson, a new guy to the group. All he had was an assault rifle and a couple grenades, age 19, the youngest. They looked at him.
“Who the hell are you?” said Kazama.
“I’m Jackson. I was dropped into this corporation to assist you. I never miss a target, trust me.” Jackson cocked his gun.
“Well were glad you’re here but we have to find a way to an outpost or something, because right now were sitting ducks, we didn’t get directions, they just pushed us out of the fricken plane” said Elizabeth.
“Well find a way out of this jungle” said Kazama said
“We can’t move now, its dark out, I can’t see anything” said Ozaki.
“True, but we can’t just sit here we-“Cooper stopped, listening for something
“What?” said Ozaki.
“Shh! listen” said Cooper.
The group heard a beeping sound, they looked around, trying to find it. They turned toward Jackson.
Jackson turned around and saw a transmitter on his back. Ozaki grabbed it turned it on. Weyland-Yutani recorded a message for the troops.
“Troopers, as you know you are the most hostile known to man. You duty is kill the hostiles you very familiar to, the Xilians. There is an outpost 4 miles from here, but there are Xilians all over this jungle. We need you take out most of the troopers before heading to the outpost. Weyland Out”
“Alright then, we better get going” said Kazama.
The troops headed towards the path through the jungle (odd.) Ozaki turned around. And wondered what fate lies ahead, or will he ever get home again?

Chapter Two: Wake Up Call:
Day 1, 2:57 am:
X limped as fast as he could through the forest for dear life, frightened from what he just saw and was wounded badly. He tripped and fell down the side of a hill, scratched by twigs and thorns and smacking into rocks and other large objects. He then fell off a small cliff. When he got his breath and the energy to stand on his legs, he stops to see flames, leaping here to there. He had a blurry vision; he finally realized it was his Home. He was wounded on one side of his right arm, blood dripped from his nose, and felt bruised all over. He looked around and saw nothing but burning buildings and dead people. He closed his eyes and fell to his knees, in disbelief that it was his home, and his people were dead. He opened his eyes and sat upright quickly, confused at first but then turned his head to see the other Xilian troopers getting out of their beds and getting ready for the day. He sighed with relief. It was just a dream, or in any cases a nightmare. He got up and got dressed. When he walked out his father caught outside the door. His Father was a General of the Xilian Force in Turuk Na’Ring, X’s Home forest, and outpost for the troopers. X was to become a general, but yet still had much training to accomplish, for he was only 17 years old, which is extremely rare for a young Xilian that old to fight in battles. X and his fellow allies were, in a very odd way, were mutated, able to fight hand to hand combat in a more complex type. They were faster, and stronger than the rest of his troopers, X held a dark secret, that him and his Father were the only ones who knew.
“What startled you when you woke?” His father asked him.
“Nothing. Nothing happened. Why?”
“You can’t fool me X, this is 5th time this has happened, what startled you, what were you dreaming about?”
“Just a dream father, it’s nothing, really.”
X walked away with the other troops, who were dressed and prepared for the morning. His father looked worried for his son, but didn’t really think of it. His father went back to his duties, and X caught up with his four strongest troops and is life-long friends. Zan, a master at hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. Kendra, a sniper shooter and scout that look for nearby enemies, usually kill them herself, and also a Zan’s Sister. Grover, the fastest out of the whole group, he also can hear an enemy coming up to 3 miles, also couldn’t speak English. Last but not least, Milo, a mercenary killer that wants to take revenge on the humans for killing his family, he’s also head medical of the group, and also brother to Grover. X had no siblings, only his friends. They headed down towards the cafeteria for breakfast, then to the Training Arena. Milo started a conversation.
“Did you hear that Weyland-Yutani has sent in his strongest troops? There wandering through the forest close to their outpost, near Na’Ring’s West side. Their planning to destroy our troops setting up signal satellites.”
“Those bastards, those satellites are for connecting to the space medicals in space. There are sick people there, probably the only safe place for them. We have to stop them” said Zan.
“We can’t stop them now, we have orders to attend to, the elders said we need to go to Reach, we are going with the full assault on Weyland’s Incorporation on BCA-51, we have to end it now, show these humans the might of our kind” said Milo.
“Well if we really care about our people we would help them, ever since my mother….” said X, trailing of, feeling disappointed and sad.
“X we have to follow the Elder’s orders, were Xilians, it’s been a right since our Ancestors were alive. Disobeying the Elder’s would be a horrible tragic for you, they will punish ones who don’t listen, then again, they have been acting strange lately, but still we would be killed for not following orders” said Milo.
“I know I just think its right to help those troopers in the woods, we have to make sure they put up those satellites. We have to have contact to that medical frigid in space.
“True, but maybe the troopers can handle it. They actually may kill the human hostiles, besides I doubt any human can survive the horrors of Na’Ring, if the Xenos catch them” She stopped to laugh, “Well they won’t last very long” Kendra said.
X sighed and they moved on to the cafeteria. X had a feeling that something was going to go terribly wrong.

Chapter Three: Assignation Mission:
Day 2, 3:29 am:

Ozaki left the woods with the troopers, behind laid dead Xilians, looks as if the Xilians had failed. They continued to the outpost. They were half way there till they got a transmitter from Weyland-Yutani. It was recorded.
“Troops, I am expanding your operation. There is a young Xilian in these woods, close to the outpost; there is a small Xilian village where he is at. The young Xilian looks like this; Weyland-Yutani showed the picture to the troops, which was X. You must eliminate him, we believe he is a great threat to us all, find him and kill him, you must do this before reaching the outpost, I am sending you the coordination of the Xilian Village, you will have back up when you fire one of your flares, let no stand one in your way, so kill every one, Weyland out.”
“Alright, let’s get going” said Kazama.
“We really just go to kill him, and everybody else? I mean what did they do?” Ozaki said.
“I don’t know, but we better get him out of the way, cause Weyland would kill us if we don’t do what he says, you know how he is” Kazama said.
The troops moved through the woods, swiftly and silently so they wouldn’t alert any nearby guards. They came up to a dead human with a strange creature lying next to the body and his chest opened, as if something broke out his chest.
“Damn, this doesn’t look good” said Austin.
“By the looks of it, that creature laid something in him and broke out” said Cooper.
“Nice, but where the hell is the thing that broke out of his chest?” asked Kazama.
“I don’t know” said Cooper.
“Well we better keep moving, the Xilian village isn’t too far from here”
The group headed out and Ozaki turned to see the dead human, and had a worried look. They traveled endlessly through the night till the sun finally raised in the east. They couldn’t attack during the day so they had to wait till night to ambush. They sat outside of the village and waited and waited, till the sun fell again. Then they would approach the village.

Chapter Four: New Friends:
Day 2, 10:37 pm:

Ozaki and his troop waited outside of the all day, night finally came around. X and his friends were heading to their houses after a long, exhausting day of training. The other Xilian troopers were heading back as well. Zan stopped in his tracks and looked behind him. Kendra got glimpse of him.
“What’s wrong?” Kendra asked him.
“I have a feeling, something’s wrong, I sense.... Never mind” Zan said and kept walking. The others waited for him. They finally caught up. X stopped as well, looking around worried.
“Now what’s wrong?” Kendra said.
“I feel something as well, someone or something’s here” X said.
Ozaki and the troop were sitting in the bushes and saw X.
“That’s the Xilian we have to kill, He’s only a kid, only 17 at the least, and how is he a threat to us?” Claudio said.
“Well let’s get this over with” said Elizabeth.
She got out here sniper rifle and aimed it towards him. X and his group still looked around. Kendra saw the rifle and pushed X away.
“LOOK OUT!” she screamed. Elizabeth fired, but missed. The Xilians fled away for backup. The Xilian troopers were then surprised by the gun fired and ran towards that location heard. The human troops got to their feet. Kazama shot the flare, to signal Weyland's troops.
“Let’s rock!” Kazama said, and jumped out from the bushes and shot down the Xilian troops that were running after them.
X and his friends ran for their lives till they found X’s father, who was in one of the tents, discussing some personal matter with the other generals from other locations. X didn’t bother of what they were talking about he ran right in.
“X you can’t be here. What’s wrong?” He said.
“Humans… they were in the bushes… they tried to kill me… their killing everybody…We need more reinforcements” X said, out of breath.
“I’ll assemble the troops, for now hold them back” X’s father said.
X nodded and they ran back to the battlefield where Xilian troops fired and the humans were being overrun. The humans took cover behinds some buildings shooting down Xilian troops, X and his friends took cover behind buildings as well. The humans decided to split up, so did the Xilians. They went around buildings, shooting troops, and watching Xilian citizens run in fear.
X found Ozaki and pulled out his small knife. Ozaki saw him coming and tried to push him back, but X tackled him. Then putting the knife to his neck, but Ozaki kicked him in the face, sending x backwards. Ozaki grabbed his small knife and jumped at X but X got up and jumped in the air, and kicked Ozaki in the face with a spin. Ozaki was knocked back, stunned. Ozaki’s vision was blurry but he could see X running towards him with a knife. Ozaki pulled out a pistol and shot X’s knife out of his hand. For some reason, Ozaki couldn’t find his knife, he must have dropped it. X pulled out his pistol and shot Ozaki’s pistol out of his hand. X put his gun right on Ozaki’s forehead, Ozaki knew this was the end, but the he could hear a loud booming noise in the distant to the left. X pulled his gun away and saw something in the distant. Ozaki could hear a women’s voice screaming to the right, turned to see who it was. It was Kendra and his friends, he ran off, not caring about Ozaki, who was almost passed out and was still stunned. Kazama final came running up to him and yelled something to him in a muffled voice, almost lie he was far away. Ozaki couldn’t understand what he was saying. Ozaki tried to get up but the both of them feel down from an explosion not too far away. Ozaki stared to hear Kazama more clearly.
“Ozaki, we need to get to cover now!” Kazama yelled.
Ozaki was still weak but he ran with Kazama to his other troopers and they found cover underneath a fallen building. Before Ozaki went to cover he saw two shuttles firing missiles at the Xilian buildings and on the side of the shuttles said in clear print “Weyland-Yutani.” All the Xilians, troopers and citizens, fled in fear, some escaped in ships. Some Xilians screamed as they were burned alive. X and his friends found cover and hid. The shuttle even tried shooting the humans.
“Damn it Ozaki get in here” Kazama said, pulling Ozaki in before the missiles could blow him to bits. The outside of the building fell don't in front of the door way and everything went black. The shuttles flew away, and all was left were dead Xilians, the innocents and the troopers. X and his troopers got out of the fallen building they took cover in. They looked around, but all they saw was fire and burned Xilians. All the Xilians were destroyed, expect for X, Kendra, Zan, Milo, and Grover. They humans got out of the fallen building as well.
“O god…” Ozaki said.
The Xilians looked around for survivors, but none lived, X did not know if his father made it through this mess. The humans had to find a way out, but they seemed to have found the Xilians. X looked at the humans and the humans looked at them. They raised their guns at each other, course the Xilians were outnumbered 6 to 4 but they stilled held their guns high. Kendra’s to Elizabeth’s, Zan’s to Kazama, Milo’s to Cooper’s, Grover’s to Jackson, and Ozaki’s to X’s.
“You’ll pay for what you just did!” X said
“We didn’t know they were going to do that” Ozaki said.
“You still tried to kill him!” Zan said.
“Just following orders, now we should kill you to complete our orders” Kazama said.
“Funny we had orders to kill you as well, you are great threat to us, so we’ll kill as well” said Kendra.
“You were a threat to us as well, so don’t even think about shooting sister, or I’ll put one in your head, your all a threat to us” Elizabeth said.
“A threat to what?!” Zan yelled.
“We don’t know, we weren’t told any of this stuff! Weyland just told us to do this, or he’ll kill us if we don’t! Why do you care?!” Ozaki said.
X lowered his gun so did the Xilian troops.
“Neither were we, our leaders would kill us if we didn’t kill you, course I never liked that idea to be honest” X said.
Ozaki lowered his gun as well.
“I guess we both were just being used.” Ozaki said.
“Ozaki don’t listen to him! He’s trying to trick you, if let our guard down they’ll kill us! Kazama said; gun still rise, as well as the rest of the humans and Xilians. But Ozaki had a feeling about X, like he knew his whole life, and didn’t have the courage to kill him. X felt the same way.
“Why don’t you assholes go back home where you belong!” Milo yelled, and the humans almost fired, but Austin yelled right back:
“Why don’t you shut the hell up or I’ll put one right between your eyes!”
The Xilians and humans screamed at each other, cussing and yelling, except Ozaki and X, they just there staring at each other, sill confused of this odd feeling, but then X raised his gun, so did Ozaki, X almost fired, when a strange small creatures slowly flew by, it was blue and almost looked like a jellyfish out of water, but yet it was see through. It landed on the end of X’s rifle, the Xilians stopped yelling and stared in amazement at the creature. X lowered his gun, the creature flew away, and the Xilians stared at the humans, so confused, yet they understood what that meant.
“What the hell was that?” Kazama asked.
The Xilians didn’t answer, they were still thinking.
“What exactly were here for?” X asked the humans.
“We came here to kill you, why do you care Xilian?” Ozaki asked.
“Because we were given the same orders, but now it’s going to change” X said.
“Were not falling for it, were not going with you, what is you want?” Elizabeth asked X.
“You need to get off this planet, you’re in danger, your own leader is trying to kill you, for your own sake, get off our planet” X said.
“And what happens if we don’t?” Claudio asked.
“You’ll die…and we won’t be the ones to kill you” X said.
The humans looked at each other, lowering their guns.
“We still can’t trust you, but we will do what you say, because you are telling the truth” Ozaki said.
“You can get off this planet, we can get you a transportation, but there is an outpost not too far from here, where we can ride out to a shuttle so you can leave” X said.
“We can’t trust you, but it looks like we have no other choice” Ozaki said.
“Then follow us” X said.
Ozaki stepped forward to X and put his hand to shake his hand, X shook his hand.
“I’m Ozaki”
“I’m X”
From that day forth, there was small group of rebellions that had to turn the tide of a whole war that hasn’t even started yet. Least they made new friends, well almost friends.

Chapter Five: Xenomorphs:
Day 3, 1:34 am:

Ozaki, X, and their troops traveled through the deep, thick forest. Behind them laid a burned village. X and his troops had just lost their home. They were each other’s allies, yet they didn’t realize it. The troops stopped for the night to rest. X and his friends said they would find something to eat. X and Kendra stayed behind. Zan, Milo, and Grover hunted for food. The humans set up only what they carried on their backs, sleeping bags. The Xilians just lay on the hard ground, but they didn’t mind, they’ve done it hundreds of times. They found wood and started a fire. The troops remained silent. They didn’t dare speak to one another, for they still hated each other, well at least the humans and Xilians, X and Ozaki didn’t completely hate each other, but still really couldn’t trust each other. X walked off to sit on a cliff, watching the view of the night. Ozaki walked over and sat with him. X said nothing. He just kept staring at the stars. Ozaki was planning to say sorry to X, but he would have thought that would make him look weak.
“How long do you think this will last, until this all falls?” X asked Ozaki.
“What do you mean?” Ozaki said.
“My people won’t last very long, we lose hope every day, thinking some of us will never wake up. There many creatures in this world you haven’t seen. That man you saw, with is chest opened up, do you know what came out of him?” X asked.
“No, what was it?”
“It’s called a Xenomorph. An alien species, deadly, they are a deadly species to us and there are many types of Xenomorph, there’s a warrior, dome, ridged, praetorian-“
“Praetor- what?” Ozaki asked.
“Praetorian. A larger type of Xenomorph, and deadlier. Also there’s a queen alien, and a Predalien, but we don’t see those often. If those Xenos escaped, we have a serious threat on our hands.” X said
“How do we kill them?” Ozaki asked.
“Any way we can. Their blood is acid, never get on you. They have long tail; they can pick you up with it. Darkness is their ally, so always be in the light, so they can hardly see you. They are fast, and swift, always have your eyes peeled. Xenos life cycle start from an egg, then go to a face hugger, which is like a small bug, but big enough to fit on your face, they send a an egg down your throat, then they burst out of your stomach, also Xenos are afraid of fire, which may come in handy. Also, their strength is based on their type, Warrior is the Xeno most seen. Dome Xenos have smooth heads, their fast and stronger, ridged, have a ridged head, is much faster and much stronger. Praetorian is almost like queens, only smaller. They have longer heads, which gives them protection. They are guards for the queen. Predaliens are very rare, but are much stronger than any other breed, even the queen, may not be as big as the queen, but stronger, faster than any other. If we come in contact with one, we die. Xenemorphs are different depending on what victim there coming out of. That’s what gives them different looks and strengths, Predalien are not all that different from the others, but do look a bit different.”
“What does it look like?” Ozaki asked.
“You really don’t want to know, but if you see one you’ll know.” X said
“Why do they call it Predalien?”
“I can’t explain that to you.” X said.
The two of them sat in silence for a while. Ozaki had a strange feeling about X, it was so confusing and so frustrating to Ozaki that he couldn’t figure out what it was, and X felt the same way. Ozaki finally got up and walked over to his troops. Zan, Milo, and Grover returned, with a small kill, but enough to feed all of them.
All of the troops lay in sleeping bags, well the humans did. The Xilians slept on the hard ground. X kept turning left and right, not because of the hard ground, but of the nightmare he was having. All through the night he turned left and right. But he had nothing to worry about; the war had already started even before they got there.

Chapter Six: Attack of Xenos:
Day 4 10:25 am:

X, Ozaki and their troops headed out early that morning to find a better place to stay. They needed a headquarters, where they can contact someone so they can get the humans a ship, they started searching to day. Before they went any further, X made an important speech, telling all the human troopers about the Xenemorphs. Then they continued their trip for their new headquarters. As they walked by they saw a couple of Xilian troopers, with their chest opened up.
“Yicks, that’s not good” Kazama said.
“Watch out for those face huggers, they can come from nowhere. Once on is one your face, its over for you” Grover said.
Troop kept moving on their journey. Ozaki heard something and turned suddenly. The rest of the humans did so as well. The Xilians looked around, but saw nothing. Jackson moved forward.
“Jackson, be careful” Elizabeth said.
He looked into the woods but saw nothing.
“It’s okay, there’s nothing there” Jackson said.
All of the sudden, a black, sharp tail shot right through his back. He yelled in pain, and turned to see a Xeno. It shot its ex-tendo mouth through his head, and then threw him. It let out a screech and ran through the woods.
“She’s calling for help, run!” X said. They shot out in a sprint through the woods. They could hear the xenos screeching in the woods. Ozaki tripped and saw a dome headed alien sprinting towards him, he grab his rifle and shot it down, its acid dissolving the ground. He got up and kept running, only to realize that he lost his group, and with aliens running after him, he wondered what could be worse, then he realize there was a Praetorian. He shot down all of the xenos and all what was left was the Praetorian. He jumped from tree to tree to lose the alien, but it still followed him. He shot it but its armor was too thick. He kept running, but the alien was ganging, it almost got him with his Ex-tendo mouth, but a spear shot into the alien’s head and killed it. The alien fell to the ground. Ozaki looked, but didn’t see anything, and then a man jumped down from behind, cloaked, invisible. He un-cloaked and showed himself. Ozaki was surprised who it was. It was X’s father but with armor and weapons, he smiled at Ozaki.
“I see you’re lost. Your troop headed that way” He said
“What about you, come with me” Ozaki said.
“I’m working with you but not here. I’m getting information from our leaders I’ll catch up with you later, take care of my son for me, make sure he doesn’t get into trouble” He said.
He jumped in a tree, about to jump away, but Ozaki asked him one more question.
“Wait, what is your name?” Ozaki asked.
“Sam” He said, cloaked, jumped away until Ozaki could no longer see him.

Chapter Seven: First Glimpse:
Day 4 4:10 pm:

Ozaki found his way back to his troopers. He was glad to see them in one piece.
“What happened? Did you kill the Xenos?” X asked him.
“I did, there was also a Praetorian, but I didn’t kill it. Your father did.” Ozaki said.
“My father, He’s alive? Where did he go? Did he make it?” X asked.
“He did make but didn’t come with me, he had to return to your leaders, and he said he would retrieve more information from them. He also said he is on our side, I guess he is if he didn’t kill me.” Ozaki said.
“Well at least he’s safe, and we need somebody on the inside, but also we need someone one your side as well.”
“We do, his name is Diego, and he trusted us from day one so we can contact him. He is Weyland’s closest ally, but trusted us more.”
“You can contact him when we get to our outpost. Let’s move, those Xenos could still be behind.” Zan said.
The troops kept moving to their outpost. The Xilians had found a lost signal in the woods, so they decided to find it and set up there. The humans had just lost one of their teammates, they didn’t know if they would last one more second on that planet, but Ozaki and Kazama held their fate, maybe they will last longer on the planet.
Day 5, 5:23 am:

The troops wandered endlessly through the woods, but they were closing on the outpost.
After two long days of traveling, they finally found the outpost. It was destroyed, and the Xilians had no idea how it happened. There was no shuttle or any type of transportation. But there were dead human bodies.
“You set us up! You’re going to kill us!” Kazama said.
“No! No, we didn’t do this! We didn’t-“ X tried to say but was interrupted.
“You lying little bastard!” Kazama said and almost charged but then stopped to hear a loud, terrifying roar coming from the outpost. Kazama stepped back., and so did the rest of the troopers.
“X…”Kendra asked in a frightened voice, knowing actually what the creature was.
“Stay here; I’ll see what it is.” X said.
X walked into the outpost, and the troops stayed outside. X walked through the dark outpost. Sparks flew from above his head from the lights that were destroyed.
“Great…Must be Xenomorphs” X thought to himself. He kept walking, but to his surprise he saw something on his right and it hit him backwards. He got up and ran for dear life. From outside the other troopers could hear the noise of the creature and they heard noises, clanging and glass breaking. Kendra looked worried. X was thrown through a window and struggled to get up, he had blood coming of of his nose. Kendra and the troops rushed over to him.
“What happened?!?” Kendra yelled.
“There was a… was a… Predalien!” X said.
A Predalien jumped out of the window, and let a ferocious roar. It flung its tail at Cooper and stuck him in his gut. Cooper fell down, blood poured out of him. Ozaki and Kazama fired at the Alien, but its armor was too thick. The troopers fled for cover, Kendra and X ran as well. The Predalien let out a frustrated roar. It started walking around looking for the troops. Ozaki and Kazama hid behind a rock, the others were also scattered behind rocks. X and Kendra were behind a tree. Zan, Milo, and Grover were up a tree. The Predalien stuck its tail through the tree and The Xilians fell to the ground as well as the tree, they were alive, but were unable to get up from the fallen tree. The Predalien was about to tear them apart when X shot his rifle and shredded its back armor. The Predalien turned and ran right towards them. The humans shoot it, but it didn’t do any good. The Predalien caught their attention, and ran towards them. Austin tried climbing up a tree but the Predalien caught him and reached into his back pulled out his spine and skull. It roared and turned towards the group of humans. Ozaki yelled in anger and pulled out his sword. He stabbed it in the hip. The alien screeched with pain, but when he pulled it out, his sword was dissolved into melting metal. Acid blood. Ozaki fled to shelter, but the Predalien grabbed him and held him up to its face, opened its mouth. Ozaki saw its ex-tendo mouth. He knew this was the end, but a spear shot into its head and dropped Ozaki. He crawled a way, to see the alien in pain. It tore out the spear in its head and looked Ozaki it growled and it raised its tail. Ozaki saw X on its back, and then sliced its head with these type blades on his wrist. The Predaliens head fell off and then dropped to the ground. X walked over to Ozaki to lend him a hand. Ozaki grabbed his hand and got up. The Predaliens blood spread all over the ground, a puddle of green, glowing blood that was melting the ground.
“Austin…Cooper…Jackson…We lost three highly trained marines in two days. Now what will happen?” Elizabeth asked.
“I don’t know, but thank the gods that thing is dead. We don’t have time to just stand around, the war has already started, and we have to set this up get ready.”
“The war? What war? Between who and why?” Ozaki asked.
“Before you got here, the war between Xilians and humans had already started. But also the Xilians are in a war between the Xenemorphs and a different enemy. We are looking for a long lost ally that could help us win, called the Guardians.” X said.
“The Guardians?” Ozaki asked.
“We don’t have time to explain, we are already late, when this gets done we will all explain, except Grover, he can’t speak English, know let’s get started on this outpost, so we can contact your people and try and get you of our planet, before things get worse.” Zan said.
The rest of the troopers started working on the outpost. They had to work as a team to live on this planet.
Chapter Eight: A Signal:
Day 6, 12:00 pm:

X, Ozaki, and their troopers were all tired from all of the setting up all of the equipment for their new outpost, also their headquarters. All of them expect X and Kendra were awake. The humans and the Xilians were resting. X and Kendra were waiting for a signal from one of their own outpost, or a satellite uplink.
“We can’t let these humans die like this, we need to protect them” Kendra said
“What can we do, they aren’t fit to fight on this planet” X said.
“Well they have hope that got us this far hasn’t?” Kendra said.
“Well they won’t have hope for very long, this only the beginning for them” X said.
“Why are you so negative about this? We will all get through this, if you want them to be our friends, and trust us, treat them like friends” Kendra said.
X sighed, he got up and then sat in the corner, and he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Not two hours later he awoke, and heard a loud beeping sound, coming from the transmitter the humans hooked up. It was catching a signal from the humans’ outpost.
“Ozaki…you guys…GET UP!” X said. The humans awoke and scrambled over the transmitter. Ozaki was the first one to grab. He turned it on and heard Diego’s voice.
“Marines...MARINES! Pick up!” Diego said.
“Diego?” Ozaki asked.
“Ozaki? Why didn’t you pick up?!? We have been trying to contact you since the village was nuked. Where are you?” Diego asked.
“Wait ‘we’? You mean Weyland Yutani wasn’t trying to kill us?” Ozaki
“Actually I was, but I can no longer trust him. But I still work for him. Where are you, I can’t track your location?” Diego asked.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Ozaki said.
“Tell me everything Ozaki” Diego said.
“When the village was bombed, we found Xilian survivors, who was also in the same situation as us, so we decided to follow them, we ran into these things called Xenomorphs. We lost Austin, Claudio, and Jackson.” Ozaki said.
“Xenomorphs, we have run into those before as well. Three men dead- Hold it1 you with Xilians?!? Diego yelled.
“Yes Diego, we had to go with them, or else we would have died out here” Ozaki said.
“Damn right…” X mumbled under his breath.
“Well. If you trust them, we trust them.”
“Who’s this ‘we’?” Ozaki asked.
“My troopers, of course” Diego said.
“Oh right, well listen we need somebody to get information from Weyland, we think you’ll be the only one we can trust, we also need a transportation off this rock” Ozaki said.
“I’m afraid you can’t go home, Weyland Yutani is planning something huge, I don’t know what, but I’ll find out. Until then you have to stay with the Xilians” Diego asked.
“Alright, we can wait, just make sure you stay with Weyland” Ozaki said.
“I will do that, good luck troops” Diego said.
The signal went blank and Ozaki put the microphone down.
“Well, all we have to do now is find someone on our side” X said.
“Your father, remember?” Ozaki said.
“O yah, well now all that’s left is to find out their next move. For now, just sleep” X said.
The troops lay back down to sleep. They slept peacefully through the night. That is until they heard the noises of bombs blowing up outside.

Chapter Nine: Burning Paradise:
Day 8, 5:49 am:

The troopers rushed out of the outpost and saw the forest beyond the cliff, in flames. Animals and creatures ran from the flame, most were in flames. Kendra screamed and felled to her knees. Zan walked away and then turned back.
“WHAT THE HELL?!?” Ozaki exclaimed.
“What’s going on?!?” Kazama yelled.
“Look!” Milo yelled.
Two human shuttles rose from the ground, with the imprint ‘Weyland-Yutani’ on it.
“Weyland! YOU BASTARD!” Ozaki yelled in frustration.
The shuttles took off and flew over their heads. Kendra was still on the ground, tears poured out of her eyes. X knelled beside her and held her close. Grover was yelling in a different language. Thank god they didn’t know what he said.
“We didn’t… we didn’t know… us… X…”Ozaki stumbled, angered and terrified at the same time.
The air was filled with ash, smoke, and the smell of burning animals. The forest fire spread for miles, the humans were frustrated. Kendra wouldn’t move, X kept holding on to her.
“What are we going to do” asked Kazama.
“I don’t know, but they just wiped out all of Turuk Na’Ring, our largest forest. Now it’s gone…”X said.
Hours passed and they didn’t know what to do next, didn’t know where to turn. But will all change soon. When they saw a shuttle, unrecognized by the Xilians or the humans, they had a terrible feeling.
The troopers fled to the woods behind them and watched as the ship landed and a strange creature jumped out of the ship, it was invisible, cloaked like Sam was in the woods. The ships cloaked and the creatures un-cloaked as well. I t was wearing a mask and was about 7 feet tall. It wore armor, and had wrist blades, a type of gun on its shoulder. A spear on its back, weapons and equipment hooked to its belt. It turned its head towards the Xilians and humans that were hiding in the woods. The Xilians gasped and got down they pulled the humans down as well.
“What?” Ozaki asked.
“Shh…” X said.
The creature looked around, made this clicking noise, then went into the outpost, cloaked, and its wrist blades sprung. The Xilians got up and so did the humans.
“What was that” Ozaki asked.
“It was a Yautja” X said.
“A what?” Kazama asked.
“A Predator, for that’s it’s commonly called. It is an enemy to the Xenomorphs, and the humans, but to us.” Kendra said
“Then why did you hide?” Elizabeth asked.
“That’s a different type of Predator; we haven’t seen one like that before. Its-” Milo said.
“We don’t have time for this, that Predator is coming back out and it’s going to see us, HIDE!” X yelled quietly.
They rushed back to the woods hid in the bushes. The Predator came out with a Xenomorph head it must have found. It jumped back into its ship and took off.
“What do you think it was looking for?” Ozaki asked.
“It took the Predalien’s head. But why, a predator never takes a trophy unless it killed it.” X said.
The troopers remained on the ledge, not knowing anything that was happening. And that was what they wanted to find out. They had their plan. It was simple. Stop Weyland-Yutani and the Elders before they kill each other. All they need is courage, teamwork, friendship, and a something to fly off this planet to the other war-ravaged planet called BCA-51, where Wetland-Yutani was waiting, with a plan that could end man kind and the Xilian race.

Chapter Ten: Family Reunion:
Day 9, 2:36 pm:

The troops walked for miles, looking for a Xilian outpost to steal a Scorpion, a Xilian helicopter. From there they will fly to Reach, a highly-protected city, where they could get a shuttle to go to the other planets.
X stopped and looked ahead.
“What is it” Kendra asked.
“There’s someone or something in that tree. Look” X said, pointing his fingering at the tree.
A cloaked creature was sitting in the tree, it turned towards the troops, and a lined a triangle shape laser on X’s forehead. The humans aimed their weapons.
“No, don’t, put your weapons down. “ X said.
The creature jumped down from the tree and un-cloaked, it looked like a Wolf predator, put when it took of its mask, they all sighed with relief to see it was Sam, X’s father.
“Don’t scare me like that” X said.
“That’s not the first you know” Sam said.
“Where did you get all of those weapons and armor?” Kendra asked.
“I found a dead Wolf Predator; it looked as if something stabbed it in the back, but I took its equipment for better protections, I can see a Xenomorph a mile away with this mask and armor” Sam said.
“Did you get any information from The Elders?” X asked.
“No, they transported to BCA-51, waiting for Weyland. They’re planning to nuke each other, but Weyland is going to destroy Pandora, along with the humans” Sam said.
“What?!? He can’t possibly have the fire power for that!” X said.
“He captured the predator’s cruisers and is loading all of their fire power together, with that much fire power, Pandora is at risk” Sam said.
“Wait, Pandora, what is that?” Kazama asked.
“The ground you are standing on, this whole planet is Pandora” Sam said.
“We can’t wait here, we have to get to BCA-51, or Weyland and the Elders will kill each other” Kendra.
“We will take care of Weyland, for now we stop them from killing each other” Ozaki said.
“Weyland will strike Pandora first, so we must get rid of him. He is on BCA-51, a planet next this one, if we can get a shuttle at Reach, we can go there. After he is out of the picture, we tell the Elders he’s gone, sounds good?” Sam asked.
“Simple, except Weyland is protected by so many troops, we can’t kill our men, there has to be way to kill him without them finding us” Ozaki said.
“Diego, remember, he can somehow get him out of his ‘protected fortress’ and we can get an aim at him” Kazama said.
“Let me be the first to give that bastard a lesson” Ozaki said.
“Plan set; we kill Weyland, but not the Elders. All we need now is ride to Reach” X said.
“I’ll handle that, get back to your outpost and wait there for, I’ll be back with a Scorpion” Sam said.
X nodded and the troops headed back to their outpost. Sam put back on his mask, and cloaked and jumped away.

Chapter Eleven: Free Ride:
Day 10, 8:50 pm:

The troops waited all afternoon for Sam to return. They were all gathered by the fire. Ozaki was next to Kazama, Grover next to milo and the Elizabeth and Claudio were sitting next to each other. Ozaki decided to start a conversation.
“So, do you guys have any families?” Ozaki asked the Xilians.
“I have a younger sister, only 5. Our mother died 3 years ago. We lived with our father; he spends most of his time fighting though” Kendra said.
“I’m sorry about that, I never knew my parents, no names, nothing, but I’ve become numb to it” Ozaki said.
“I just have a wife, my parents are dead” Zan said.
Grover spoke in a different language (Xilian language.) Humans turned towards him, with a confused look.
“He says he has a wife and one daughter, they are still alive and they are living in Reach, the last time I saw them was 2 years ago” Kendra translated.
“Thank you translating, what language is that?” Ozaki asked.
“Xilian, there many more language he knows, he can understand English, but can’t speak it” Kendra.
“I only have son, my wife died, killed by a xeno” Milo said.
“Claudio?” Ozaki asked.
“A wife, 2 kids, both sons, there greatest thing that ever happened to me” Claudio said.
Ozaki smiled.
“Kazama?” Ozaki asked.
“You know my family” Kazama said.
“They don’t” Ozaki said.
“Alright, I just have a wife, that’s all” Kazama.
“Elizabeth?” Ozaki asked
“A husband, and three kids, two daughters, one son” Elizabeth said.
“I, myself, have a wife, Miyuki Otanashi” Ozaki said.
“X?” Ozaki asked. After Ozaki asked X, the Xilians had worried faces.
X was sitting next to a rock, away for the campfire. He looks as if he didn’t want to be part of this conversation, but yet he wanted them to know.
“I just have my father, my mother was killed by Weyland-Yutani’s little pet Predalien. Ever since the day he did it I wanted to take his head and his little pet” X said, everybody stopped talking. Ozaki looked embarrassed from asking that question. He was still so confused with X, there was something about that wouldn’t leave Ozaki’s head.
Not too long a Scorpion flew up from the cliff and landed next to the outpost. Sam jumped out, still in his predator equipment, yet didn’t have his Wolf Predator mask on. The engine shut off automatically.
“Nice, where and how did you get it?” X asked,
“A village not too far from here, a man offered it to me, I didn’t ask” Sam said.
“Odd, you can’t get a chopper for free, not even one like this” X said.
“Oh well, let’s get flying, we’ll reach Reach by dawn” We’ll make progress if we move now, so pack and bring any available weapon” Sam said to all of the troops.
It took a half hour to pack up all weapons then they flew for miles. Milo and Grover flew and Zan was on the attached mini gun on the side. The others (tried) to sleep. When they awoke, they were half way there. That’s when these flying (strange) creatures flew by. You could almost say they looked like dragons, but they were much more beautiful. They looked like could tear something apart, but they had many colors on their wings, they flew up next to the ship and Ozaki gasped.
“Ecron, that’s Banshee in your tongue. They are friendly to anything that doesn’t hurt them. We fly them as well but takes great skill” X said to Ozaki.
The creatures screeched and kept flying with them, as if they were flying with them. They finally flew off as the chopper reached the city. The Humans gasped in amazement. They had made it to Reach. All they had to do is steal the shuttle and get to the other planet, the shuttle wasn’t as big as the others but it will get them to the other planet in time. They just needed to sneak on board, which was hard, because it was protected by a five Spartan predators and dozens of Xilians.

Chapter Twelve: Early Take Off:
Day 11, 5:30 am:

The troops landed the ship and snuck their way to the ship. The predators could see anything that gets close to the ship. Sam had an idea and went somewhere the troopers didn’t know where. They had to stay where they were. They stood in an alley for a while, trying not to be seen by anybody. It was taking Sam forever. Kendra looked around and shouted something in Xilian and took off. The other troopers were looking where she was going. She came back, with a little girl in her hands. Zan face lit up in excitement.
“My little sister, Iren” Kendra said.
“She’s still here, I can’t believe see made it!” Zan said.
She spoke in Xilian, and then gave Zan a hug.
“I missed you to little sis” Zan said.
“Sis? She’s yours too?” Ozaki asked in question.
“Yes, Kendra and I are siblings” Zan said.
“I was worried about you, where’s dad?” Zan asked.
Iren spoke in Xilian pointed over towards at a sign, a flyer rustling in the wind, hanging on a pole. Zan grabbed it and read it to himself. He sighed
“What? What is it?” Kendra asked.
“He has signed up to shuttle out Pandora and take on Weyland-Yutani” Zan said.
“He’ll get himself killed. We have to stop him” Kendra said.
“Kendra, we have to stick to this plan, we’ll find him and stop him before he reaches Weyland” Zan said.
Kendra sighed and set Iren back down, she spoke to her in Xilian, and Iren responded. Kendra spoke once more and Iren ran off.
Sam came back, with some sort of passports.
“I stole these from some guards. It will get us on the ship, but we need to take off on our own” Sam said.
“When does it leave?” X asked.
“Five minutes, we to get on now. We tell them we are guards. That way we can get on with weapons, let’s go” Sam said and they walked towards the ship.
One of the Xilian guards stopped them, Sam and the troops showed the passports and the guards let through. The predators looked at them, curious.
Sam got on board then everybody else did.
“I’ll find the cockpit, you get strapped in. The soldiers that boarding is going to Weyland, we can’t let them go hurry get strapped in, Grover, I’ll need a co-pilot.
The troopers strapped in and Sam and Grover headed towards the cockpit, there were no pilot, odd. Sam got in, so did Grover, he stared the engines, hopefully the guards wouldn’t notice. The shuttle took off, the guards were yelling in Xilian and were running after the ship, but then stopped.
“Okay, were on, hold tight it may be awhile till we reach BCA-51 in a couple of hours” Sam said.
“We can un-buckle now, it’ll be a smooth ride from here on out” X said.
All of the troops un-buckled and walked around, for they have never been in a shuttle before. Kendra heard something and walked into another room. She screamed and came flying out. She hit the ground with a loud thud, X and the others rushed to her.
“What happened?” X said.
“There was something, it was cloaked” Kendra.
Not one second later a cloaked predator walked out from the room. X went to grab his gun.
“Wait” the predator said, in a growling voice.
X put the gun down. The predator un-cloaked and it was a dark predator.
“How did you get on?” X asked him.
“I snuck on, I know your after Weyland, so am I” Predator said.
“What do you mean?” X asked.
“He destroyed my home in Na’Ring, and killed my family, I wish to revenge on him, and protect you until we reach him” the Predator said.
“Why do you offer us protection?” Kendra asked.
“Because you are the only Rebellion against Weyland and the Elders. If you fail, they will kill each other if you don’t stop him, allow me to introduce myself, I am Scar” Scar said.
Sam came out of the cockpit, leaving Grover to fly the shuttle. He saw the predator and stopped. The predator spoke in a different language, most likely Predator, Sam replied back in predator as well.
“If you wish to take revenge on Weyland Yutani, you may. We will arrive to BCA-51 IN a short while, so be prepared” Sam said.
The predator nodded and the troopers went on exploring. Ozaki leaned into X’s ear and whispered something.
“They don’t remove their mask unless they are fighting an powerful foe, or their energy is destroyed in their armor, besides you don’t want to see what it looks like underneath” X whispered back.
The predator went into the other room and X and Ozaki followed him, without him knowing. He pulled off two cords on his mask and took it off. Ozaki had a disgusted look of what the predator looked like; it almost looked like the PredAlien, but had a mouth and eyes and was a different color. The predator pulled off, what looked to be a Xenomorphs finger, he rubbed one end of it on his mask, making a mark that almost looked like a j, it burned it, and so it was stained. He did the same on his forehead. Then put his mask back on. X and Ozaki went into the other room.
“Now you know” X said.

Chapter Thirteen: Betrayal:
Day 11, 5:59 pm:

The troopers finally landed on BCA-51, and it was not as good as Pandora, it actually was terrible, it was living hell. They landed 2 miles from the Wetland-Yutani Incorporation center, which as taking firing from Xilians in scorpions, riding banshees, and Predators in their small fighters, course that was in the sky, on land, Xilians and predators fought against humans in amp suits, shooting RPG’s, and were taking advantage of the Xilians. Amp suits are like robot suits the humans can wear and have weapons they can fire from their wrist. They were used for turning the tide of the battle. Predators were throwing spears and shooting plasma casters, Throwing disc, nets, shooting darts, but was still being slaughtered by humans. The troopers watch as the fight continued.
“We have to stop them, too many men are dying” X said.
“My brothers… we have stop Weyland, he is planning something, for that is what I heard from the other Yautja” Scar said.
“Getting into that base won’t be easy; we need to sneak in, I there is a sewer underneath the base, we can get through with those” Sam said.
“Alright lets go” Ozaki said.
The troops ran through the woods, to the base. Ozaki saw a Weyland-Yutani symbol on side of the base that said: ‘Weyland-Yutani: Building Better Worlds’
“Yah right!” thought Ozaki.
The fight dragged on and on. They finally made it the base. Before they went in X stopped.
“We are going to end this once and for all. Weyland will fall, and will end this war. Many men and women have died for this. We will destroy this base, and finally bring peace to our people” X said.
“And we will do it together; it’s brought us this far, now let’s finishes this!” Ozaki said.
The troopers crawled in to the tunnel, the predator was last. X and Sam popped a flare. They traveled for a mile until they were right under the base. Pulled out a small dagger but it couldn’t cut through. Then he tried his wrist blades, which still didn’t work.
“Use these, then step back” Scar said. He handed X mines then planted them on the top part of the tunnel. They all stepped back about ten twenty feet, then predator pushed a button on his wrist bracer, then it exploded, and left a giant hole. They all jumped out. Human guards were standing at the end of the hall, guns ready. X grabbed his rifle and shot them down. More humans came around the corner, predator shot at the with his plasma caster, blowing up their heads. The troopers ran through the base, firing at the human soldiers. They made it to Weyland room, where he was waiting for them.
“Ozaki, Kazama, Elizabeth, Claudio, only you made it, shame that you didn’t just follow orders, maybe your men would still be alive” Weyland said.
“You were going to kill us any way, it’s your entire fault that this happening, you’re responsible for this war” Ozaki said.
“The only reason I’m here is because we need something on Pandora, a great power, that can bring man kind to a higher level, sure we may have to kill some people to get to it, there only Xilians” Weyland said.
“There more than that. Their like us, they are no different. What power could you ever possess that you have to kill innocent people?” Ozaki asked, slowly pulling out his pistol.
“A power of aliens. The Xenomorphs, Yautja, the creatures on this planet, that can be studied, and unlock secrets” Weyland said. Two unknown Yautja un-cloaked next to Weyland. And a PredAlien crawled out from the ceiling. The same that killed X’s mother. It hissed at X, and x gave it a dirty look., and his wrist blades shot out.
“Weyland!” a voice hollered behind them.
The troops turned to see Diego and soldiers, but no ordinary soldiers, they were combat-droids. Like robots, only looked like humans.
“Diego, we have him cornered, kill him you have the chance” Ozaki said. Diego just stood there.
“You really are foolish aren’t you, you really think my own secretary would kill me, now you will be the ones to die, kill them!” Weyland said.
Predator shot his plasma caster at the Yautja, killing them. The PredAlien leaped at him and stuck its tail through him. X grabbed his Sam’s lord spear and through it at the Predalien’s head, killing it. He ripped of its head.
“This is for my Mother!” He whispered to himself.
The combat droid’s wrist blades sprung and ran after the troops they turned and pulled out their plasma swords. X used his wrist blades. Claudio grabbed Scar’s plasma caster, and fried at the droids. Ozaki turned to see Weyland running off.
“X come with me, we have to get Weyland!!” Ozaki yelled.
“Father I must go!” X said.
“Then go, we will meet you at the shuttle! We’ll try to find the fueling station not to far from here to blow this place!” Sam said.
Ozaki and X ran after Weyland, firing at him with their rifles. Weyland made a quick turn to the right.
“He’s heading the pod station, he’s going to escape!” X said.
“Not on my watch.” Ozaki said.
They caught up to him and X tackled him. They were in the shuttle bay and below them were troopers fighting. If they fell of the side of the walk way, they were as good as dead. X started punching the life out him, until Weyland kicked X off of him. X Came back at him with Sam’s Lord Spear. But Weyland was faster and dodged the strike and stabbed X in the gut with Wrist blades. Blood splattered out of his stomach, staining a Weyland-Yutani symbol on the floor.

Chapter Fourteen: Leave No Man Behind:
Day 11, 11:11 pm:

X yelled in pain, Ozaki rushed over to him, in shock of what just happened.
“PAETHIC XILIAN!!’ Weyland yelled, and kicked X backward.
“X!” Ozaki yelled. X fell back, Ozaki caught him and gently set him down. X was coughing up blood, and also his suit was soaked with the blood coming from his wound. Ozaki kicked Weyland back, who then fell of the side of the side of the walk way, but then held on. Ozaki didn’t mind him at the moment, and worried about X.
“X, we have to get you to the shuttle, your wounded badly, come on get up” Ozaki said. He started lifting X up, but X stopped him.
“Go Ozaki…I can’t make it, Kill Weyland…He…He must die…I am thankful that I worked with you, tell Kendra” X coughed and tried to gasp for air one last time. “I love her… X said, and handed Ozaki the lord spear and his arms dropped to his side. Ozaki heart sank in sadness then filled with hatred and anger. He got up and walked over to Weyland, who was still hanging on to the railing. Ozaki held up the spear and was about to stab Weyland to his doom, when something fired a net at Ozaki which shot him to the side, giving Weyland the time to get up on to the walk way. Ozaki cut free through the net to see a Yautja, but I wasn’t any ordinary, it had an Alien-Mask. It roared at Ozaki to fight him. Ozaki readied his spear to have a showdown with the creature. It lunged at Ozaki, almost cutting him in the stomach with his blades, but Ozaki dodged and tried to stab the creature in the back, but it caught Ozaki strike with its blades, deflecting each blow with its blades. Ozaki finally outwitted the creature by hitting the creature hard in the chest then with one swipe, cutting off its head, splattering green blood. Weyland got up to hit Ozaki but Ozaki cut off his wrist blades and pushing him backwards.
Weyland got up, with a pistol in one hand, and pointed it at Ozaki. Ozaki was quicker, and pulled out his pistol and fired it at Weyland’s head. Half of his head flew off, WHITE blood splattered all over the place, and it poured out of his head. The brain was white as well. Then Weyland fell backwards, and didn’t move again. Ozaki sighed, relived he’s gone. X was still lying on the ground. Ozaki went over to him. He sighed in disbelief he was really gone. Then he remembers something he had left on the shuttle.
“Maybe I can save him…”Ozaki thought.
Ozaki picked up X and was about to leave when he heard beeping noises.

Weyland laughed, in an electrical, low voice. Ozaki turned around and saw him pushing buttons on his wrist bracer.
“This isn’t over Ozaki, it is the beginning off the real war, and you will DIE!” Weyland said. The base was self-destructing. Ozaki rushed out of the base, X hanging on his shoulder. Weyland’s laugh dragged on, echoing through the halls. Ozaki was almost there. The others were on the ship, almost taking off.
“WAIT! We have to wait for Ozaki and X!” Kendra yelled.
“We don’t have time! This place is going to hell! WE NEED TO GO!” Milo said. All of the other troopers were strapped in.
“WAIT! I CAN SEE THEM!” Kendra said.
“Hurry!” Sam yelled to Ozaki.
“Why is X? - Oh NO!” Kendra yelled.
Ozaki jumped in with X he went back to the medical part of the ship. Kendra had tears running down her face. Sam was not crying, but he almost did. He set him down. Kendra put her hand on his face. She cried harder and harder. Sam was looking around the room, looking for something that could save him, but then realized it was too late, X was dead. Ozaki had something that he put on the medical tray earlier. He looked to see where it was, he found the dagger on the tray. The dagger was a dagger that was left with him when he was a boy, gift from his parents. He only knew the purpose of the dagger: to save someone’s life. He handed it Sam. He turned to see the dagger.
“Where did you get this?” Sam asked in wonder.
“My parents left me this, I know it can save him” Ozaki said. Sam smiled, as if he knew as well of it can do.
Sam went up to X and stabbed him near the wound. Kendra yelped. The dagger glowed a gold color, Sam then removed the dagger.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!” Kendra yelled.
Right after she screamed, the wound starts to heal. She gasped in amazement. X gasped for air, then got up and looked at where the wound used to be. Kendra hugged him close, and he hugged back. Sam looked at Ozaki.
“Thank you, Ozaki. You saved my son’s life. And now Weyland is gone, you are now trust worthy to our kind, and you may ask any favor you desire” Sam said.
“Thank you Sam, but, Weyland said to me before he die ‘this isn’t over, it’s only the beginning’, that’s when ever thing exploded, also to when I shot him, half of his came off, but it was white, like the Combat-Droids. X and Kendra looked at him.
“You mean…He’s…He’s not the real Weyland -Yutani?” X asked.
“I think, but maybe Weyland was a droid the whole time” Ozaki said.
“No, Weyland is a real man. I have met him in person. But I don’t think we need to worry about him anymore though, at least not for a while, with his base destroyed we have the time to rebuild before he tries to strike again” Sam said. Ozaki sighed and nodded. He didn’t like the idea, but at least the worst was over.
“X, you stay there, Kendra, stay with him” Sam said.
“Alright, but where are we going?” X asked.
“All of the other humans want to go home, but Ozaki has to agree on that if he wants to” Sam said.
“I guess it’s time to go home” Ozaki said.
Sam smiled.
“Alright, you get to go home, and if you need anything we are at your call, signal us if you need help, and if we hear anything about Weyland, we’ll tell you” Sam said. Ozaki nodded in agreement.
The ship took off and headed towards Earth. Ozaki and Sam walked of the room, but as Ozaki walked out he saw X kissed Kendra and heard him whisper:
“I love you…”
Kendra smiled and whispered the same thing back.
Ozaki smiled. He knew this war wasn’t over, but the real adventure was about to begin. Well at least the made new best friends. But Ozaki still had a weird feeling about X. Ozaki just ignored it, but that was a very un-wise thing to do.

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Wait a minitue?! why the hell are u guys reading part two not part one?!
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Oh! never mind! the fourms name's were switched! nevre mind! my bad!
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